What is InstaShield™ made of?We use PVC or PET plastic, depending on availability.

How do I clean it?InstaShield can be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe or spray. Please do not use abrasive cleaners or abrasive sponges, as they will scratch the surface.

How do I share my InstaShield™?The InstaShield is intended for either a single user, single use, or multiple uses by the same user.


Do you ship internationally?Currently we are shipping only in the U.S. Stay tuned for additional options.

Can I return my order?For sanitary reasons, we are unable to offer returns or refunds on any items.

How do I report adverse events, other safety findings, and product complaints?We collect, review and report all adverse events, other safety findings, and product complaint information associated with the use of our products. All information that pertains to an adverse event, other safety finding or product complaint must be directed to InstaShield for review and analysis as appropriate. Report adverse events, other safety findings, and product complaints related to any InstaShield product to InstaShield by calling 888-959-8258.


Can you donate InstaShields to my non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization?If you would like us to consider your organization for our Million Shield challenge donations, please complete the following:

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