INSTANT SHIELDWhether you are working an essential job or running errands, InstaShield™ is a comfortable and affordable way to protect your eyes and face from potentially infectious materials. It also helps you keep your own droplets to yourself and discourages face touching. InstaShield easily fits over the bill of a baseball-type cap and surrounds the face for additional coverage.

InstaShield is an FDA-authorized face shield that may be effective at preventing exposure to certain particles by providing minimal or low-barrier protection to the wearer during Covid-19 face-shield shortages.

What does research say about face shields?Face shields may be a more effective deterrent to COVID than homemade masks, according to an April 30 article from the Journal of American Medical Association. The article pointed out key advantages of shields over homemade masks:
  • Easily cleaned
  • Re-used indefinitely
  • Comfortable
  • Protect portals of viral entry
  • Reduce face touching
  • No need to remove to communicate
  • Allow visibility of face and lip movements
  • Significantly reduce amount in inhalation exposure to influenza virus
The article concluded that face shields should be included as part of strategies to safety and significantly reduce transmission in a community setting.
You can read the article here.

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Easy to sanitize between wearings.

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Join the Million-Shield Challenge – for every InstaShield purchased on our website, InstaShield LLC will donate a face shield to a non-profit supporting essential workers and seniors until we hit the 1 million mark. Here is the opportunity to shield yourself and someone else!


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