About InstaShield LLC

InstaShield LLC was co-founded by Dan Brown Jr. and his father, serial inventor Dan Brown Sr., to quickly fill the void of protective face shields during the coronavirus pandemic. When they saw news reports of people making face shields on 3-D printers, they were determined to find a way to mass-produce shields in the U.S. and get them to essential workers and consumers expediently.

The Browns used their design, manufacturing and commercialization knowledge to create InstaShield™, a patent-pending, FDA-authorized medical grade shield that fits over the bill of a baseball hat. InstaShield is made from single sheets of plastic and can be produced in volumes of up to 3 million per week.

The company is proud to manufacture InstaShield in the U.S. It priced InstaShield at $2 per unit so that consumers could afford to outfit their entire families, and businesses could provide shields for all of their essential workers. Through its “Million-Shield Challenge,” InstaShield LLC will donate a shield to an essential worker or senior for every one purchased on its website ( until it sells one million units.

InstaShield is intended for consumers and workers who come into contact with others, such as delivery drivers, tradespeople, service providers, military and government personnel and those that work in retail environments.

Brown Sr. is a university professor and product design expert. He founded LoggerHead Tools in 2005 to demonstrate that a company can manufacture products in the U.S. successfully by creating innovative, value-added designs. His award-winning invention, the Bionic Wrench, was a commercial success and won many national and international product awards.

Brown Jr. runs day to day operations at InstaShield LLC and LoggerHead Tools. Brown Jr. has over 10 years of experience selling to national retailers and home shopping networks including QVC, Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and Walgreens with over 1.75 million units sold, resulting in $35 million in retail sales.
InstaShield LLC makes affordable face shields for the masses. The company is headquartered in Chicago and manufactures its products in the U.S.

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